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04 Oct 07 Thank you for your Buddy Walk support

We raised more than $3,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society thanks to the generous support of our friends and family.

Nicole thanks you

21 Jan 07 Great to have visitors

Nancy and Mark visit When we returned from the holidays, we were welcomed by some of our best friends, Mark and Nancy. They had been staying at our apartment for a couple of days, prior to our return. Karyn had a great visit with them and David was able to spend a bit of time when he wasn’t working.

Then, last weekend, our friend Helen from Toronto was in town for a trade show. She spent a night with us and got to see a little bit of Brooklyn. We managed to fit in Sunday breakfast at the Tea Lounge and took a brief walk through part of Prospect Park.

Helen visits

01 Nov 06 The bunny and the bear: Hallowe’en

The bunny and the bearI (David) made it home just in time for Halloween. I was greeted by a funny bunny, a cuddly bear and a movie star. Not bad! Ok, well maybe not a movie star, but my stunning wife.

We have a fair bit of left-over candy (yay!). Marley and I made it down to 7th Avenue for the annual Park Slope Halloween parade. We joined the parade and walked for about a block with the masses. It was a great time! See more photos on our Flickr page.

Marley was sad to leave the parade. She discovered the fun of Halloween this year!

We really missed Halloween on Willard Street in Toronto though. It is always such a fun night and a great time to catch up with neighbours before everyone starts hibernating for winter. If any Willard folk read this, know that we miss you and hope to connect with you soon.

15 Oct 06 Maybe the moon is broken

Such is the wisdom of a two-year old. Marley has always been a perceptive little girl. Now with her vocabulary growing weekly, some incredible things are coming out of her mouth. After a fun morning in the playground at the park, we were walking home and she noticed something. The moon was visible in the blue sky. That’s where the sun is supposed to be, not the moon. She pointed and said, “the moon is broken.” Laughter followed. She found it pretty funny that we were laughing so hard.

Humid hair

Marley also enjoys pointing out all of the Halloween decorations popping up in the neighbourhood. She likes pumkins in particular. On our walk home this evening, she kept pointing them out. “There’s a pumpkin. There’s another one.” When we came across a house with two she said, “there’s another two ones.” Somehow it made sense.

We had a great weekend. In fact, we’ve had a great couple of weeks. David’s parents and sister came to visit for a week and a week and a half, respectively. We loved the company. Some recent photos have been added to our Flickr page. It is so much fun showing off our neighbourhood and having such great access to Manhattan. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve explored the city and been to some great spots including the New York Botanical Garden (to see the stunning Chihuly exhibit) and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Some of our walks and wanderlust have led us into some areas of Brooklyn that are very different from what we’re used to.

The Bradfields

It’s a real adventure. We definitely miss our home in Toronto. The culture shock and homesickness is settling in a bit, but that’s a good thing. It reminds how special everyone and everything is that we’ve left behind in Toronto. If we’d moved here and everything was peachy, we’d worry a bit.

17 Sep 06 Buddy Walk Talk

What a great day! What a fun weekend! Marley had a great time with her Aunt Angela who came to visit and join us at our first Buddy Walk. If it weren’t for Angela, we may not have found out about the event.

A content Nicole

We were really amazed by the support we received from so many people from different aspects of our lives. You all contributed to us raising almost $600 to benefit national education, research and advocacy initiatives, as well as local programs for Down syndrome. Thank you to everyone. We shattered our initial goal of $100 and even blew past our revised goal of $500. You want to know the most incredible thing? We didn’t actively solicit funds. The only way people found out about our involvement in the event was through this site. Thanks for reading and for caring.


As promised, we’ve uploaded some photos to our Flickr page. We have also set up a Buddy Walk Photo Group on Flickr where we hope other walk participants will add their photos from across the country and beyond.


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