updates from the bradfields

04 Jul 06 Annual cottage weekend, Lake Simcoe, 2006

We have just returned from a relaxing weekend at Kristi’s cottage on Lake Simcoe in Orillia, Ontario. We were actually planning on going last Friday but Karyn wasn’t feeling 100% with her pregnancy so we took our time and left on Saturday, arriving at the cottage just in time for lunch. The crew was a bit smaller than usual which meant there was more room to set up our tents. As everyone’s families grow, the tents are becoming larger. Our tent could probably sleep about six or eight people. And the Milburns have a “condo tent” that could sleep 20. Well, maybe not that many, but it’s quite the facility.

Here’s a photo of the gang that made it to Lake Simcoe this year. Click on the photo to view the photo and caption on Flickr. Next year, we expect two more additions with our new baby and Dave and Lisa’s, both due this summer.

Kristi's cottage Lake Simcoe 2006

03 Jul 06 Marley giggles in her new goggles

Goggle giggles