updates from the bradfields

22 Apr 08 The Bradfields are getting greener

As if we don’t have enough on our plates, we’ve added more.

Today, Earth Day 2008, we have launched the start of a new blog called greener. We’re definitely conscious of our impact on the environment. Our kids deserve a livable planet. So what spurred this new blog. Well, there were several things, but the biggest is some improvements we want to make to our house in Toronto. We have time. We’re in the research stage. Greener is a platform for us to share our thoughts and experiences in trying to make our home a bit more efficient and ecologically responsible. We’ll also use the blog to explore and explain different environmental issues that matter to us.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our updates. It should be fun.

02 May 07 It’s time to “Ask Marley”

There used to be a TV show that Art Linkletter, and eventually Bill Cosby, hosted called Kids Say the Darndest Things. It was hilarious. For some time, we’ve thought it would be fun to record Marley’s answers to questions that you’d send us. Now that she’s saying some pretty zany things, we figure it’s time to start.

Here’s how we’re going to work things.

  1. Think of a question. Something fun. Or something serious. Maybe something about New York. Whatever you want to know from Marley.
  2. Send us your questions. We have set up askmarley(at) for you to reach us.
  3. Be creative. If you send us video, we’ll get Marley to post her response in video. If you record your question and send us an audio file, we’ll post an audio reply.
  4. We hope to turn this into a podcast, a digital radio-style program. Since Marley can’t type yet, most responses will be posted in audio format.

We look forward to hearing from you. This should be fun. Give us a couple of weeks to get the first segment done.

28 Dec 06 Thanks for the presents, Santa

Marley in her Christmas PJs Well, it’s three days after Christmas, and we just got around to opening Marley’s last present. Phew! She relished every moment of the extravaganza.Why did it take so long you might ask? She actually didn’t receive that many gifts, but she took time to play with every single one immediately after it was opened. In fact, she even knows some of the books inside and out, and has mastered some of her puzzles. It is fun to see how much she absorbs. Her vocabulary grows daily and she is a pretty good at memorizing things.

So is her Daddy. His worst nightmare came true today. He actually got a Barney song stuck in his head. If you really pester him, he might even admit dancing with Marley to Barney. Talk about a sight to see. He must really love his kids. He just continues to resist their music because he knows it will continue to infiltrate his head. Welcome to parenthood.

Happy holidays!

07 Sep 06 Marley’s new daycare

Marley started her new daycare yesterday and was a superstar! She kissed me goodbye within 10 minutes of our arrival and that was it. The teachers say she was the star of circletime (that’s song singing, for those of you who don’t know the daycare lingo) and had a great day. She was supposed to go in for half days all week, but because she’s transitioned so well, she’s there all day today.

We’re learning about New York living very quickly. For example, I’m beginning to understand why people don’t have cars. Every Thursday, we need to move our car so the street can be cleaned from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I found a parking space 3 blocks away, so that was cool. When I moved the car back at 2:03 p.m., however, all the spots on the entire block were taken. In the approximately six minutes it took me to walk to the car and move it, every space was gone. Crazy. We haven’t used the car since we arrived here a week and a half ago, so we really have to evaluate whether the insurance expense is worth it.

Every convenience is within walking distance and big things can be delivered – like diapers, which I ordered from They have great prices and deliver right to your door. Gotta love the Internet!

03 Sep 06 Fun in Prospect Park

We had a chance to visit Prospect Park as a family for the first time. Hopefully this becomes a regular occurence. Here are a couple of photos from today. The first one of Marley on the swing made us laugh. It’s classic.

Swinging in Harmony

The second is a beautiful potrait of Karyn and Nicole.

A Prospect Portrait