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27 Apr 07 NYC gets Hip

The Tragically Hip @ The Fillmore (NYC)

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Last night (April 25, 2007), we made it to The Fillmore at Irving Plaza in Manhattan to check out The Tragically Hip, Canada’s biggest rock band. The club is a medium-sized venue. In Canada, you’re lucky if you get within 1,000 feet of the band in an arena, but we were within 40 feet of the stage and could see the sweat drip off Gord Downie. The sound was incredible and the band played many of our old favorites. During Bobcaygeon, the band references Toronto and the crowd at the show let out a great cheer. We were surrounded by Canadians. Gord Downie is a mad man and a true entertainer.

Seeing the guys on stage was like a real homecoming. They also did a great cover of Lightning Strikes by The Clash during their encore.

01 Oct 06 Buck Fush…

…and so began my (Karyn’s) introduction to the Park Slope Food Coop. Kirk, the orientation leader, displayed the saying prominently (and I suspect proudly), on the front of his tee. The Coop is a grocery store where members work 3 hours a month running the store to reap the benefits of cheap prices and almost entirely green and organic pickings. I’m exempt from my work shift until February. A maternity leave for members – how very socialist of them! Kirk’s t-shirt and the coop philosophies are typical for this area of New York. For liberal Canadians like Dave and me, it makes the Americans seem more, well, Canadian, than the stereotype some of us may have of the citizens of a country that voted Fush in twice. This is comforting, since we miss our home terribly.

03 Sep 06 Fun in Prospect Park

We had a chance to visit Prospect Park as a family for the first time. Hopefully this becomes a regular occurence. Here are a couple of photos from today. The first one of Marley on the swing made us laugh. It’s classic.

Swinging in Harmony

The second is a beautiful potrait of Karyn and Nicole.

A Prospect Portrait

13 Jul 06 Still waiting for the baby

Well, this morning we woke up and for the third day this week, we thought we’d end up at the hospital today. Nope. Not yet.

Karyn has been having contractions since last night but they’re irregular and not strong enough for us to go to the hospital. The early labour contractions started Sunday morning but seem to subside when Karyn lies down. This has been the trend this week. On and off.

So we’re waiting.

04 Jul 06 Annual cottage weekend, Lake Simcoe, 2006

We have just returned from a relaxing weekend at Kristi’s cottage on Lake Simcoe in Orillia, Ontario. We were actually planning on going last Friday but Karyn wasn’t feeling 100% with her pregnancy so we took our time and left on Saturday, arriving at the cottage just in time for lunch. The crew was a bit smaller than usual which meant there was more room to set up our tents. As everyone’s families grow, the tents are becoming larger. Our tent could probably sleep about six or eight people. And the Milburns have a “condo tent” that could sleep 20. Well, maybe not that many, but it’s quite the facility.

Here’s a photo of the gang that made it to Lake Simcoe this year. Click on the photo to view the photo and caption on Flickr. Next year, we expect two more additions with our new baby and Dave and Lisa’s, both due this summer.

Kristi's cottage Lake Simcoe 2006