updates from the bradfields

08 Aug 06 In transit

First of all, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our updates. Your emails and comments on this site are greatly appreciated. It means alot to know that people care. We love you all.

What a week it’s been! Last week, our house in Toronto was packed up. Today, our items are scheduled to arrive in Brooklyn. I (David) am writing this note at a local restaurant called Bar Minnow that offers free Internet access. The movers are late. Way late. They were scheduled to arrive at 9 a.m., which changed to 10 a.m. then 2 p.m. and now 4 p.m. Waiting…

The move has left me in limbo. I’m floating around Brooklyn without a cell phone or Internet access. We cannot get Internet service installed until next week and I’m unable to get a cell phone without a social security card or a U.S. credit card. I guess it all makes sense, but it’s a major inconvenience. Oh well, no one said it would be easy.

Hopefully I have a chance to get things somewhat set up before Angela (my sister) arrives in New York on Wednesday or Thursday. She is our first official visitor. She’s coming to see one of my favourite bands (The Church) who play here on Thursday night. Can’t wait! It will be nice to have company. Tables for one at restaurants can leave you feeling a little too voyeuristic.

Anyway, more to come as Internet access becomes more regular.

17 Jul 06 Classic VW Beetle for sale

Well, we’re starting to purge some of our special items. David has decided to sell his 1972 VW Super Beetle, which we’ve named “Emily Kar”. This car is an antique that’s in great shape and has very low mileage for its age. We’ve posted an advertisement on Craigslist and are placing our poster in some Toronto garages that specialize in vintage VWs. If you know anyone interested in vintage VWs, let them know!

Emily Kar - rear view

04 Jul 06 Annual cottage weekend, Lake Simcoe, 2006

We have just returned from a relaxing weekend at Kristi’s cottage on Lake Simcoe in Orillia, Ontario. We were actually planning on going last Friday but Karyn wasn’t feeling 100% with her pregnancy so we took our time and left on Saturday, arriving at the cottage just in time for lunch. The crew was a bit smaller than usual which meant there was more room to set up our tents. As everyone’s families grow, the tents are becoming larger. Our tent could probably sleep about six or eight people. And the Milburns have a “condo tent” that could sleep 20. Well, maybe not that many, but it’s quite the facility.

Here’s a photo of the gang that made it to Lake Simcoe this year. Click on the photo to view the photo and caption on Flickr. Next year, we expect two more additions with our new baby and Dave and Lisa’s, both due this summer.

Kristi's cottage Lake Simcoe 2006

06 Jun 06 Meeting the landlord

Today, I head back to New York for a business meeting. I am scheduled on this trip to go back to see the apartment on 9th Street and then meet the landlord. If all goes well, we might even sign a lease.

It’s funny, as we do all this trying to find a place to live stuff, we’re getting ready to do the opposite at home, readying our house for rent. We’re about to become landlords ourselves. I think that will be our next big stressor.

We really have so much on the horizon, between the move, my new job, the new baby, preparing Marley for the move and Karyn’s new life in New York. It’s going to be a challenging time. If we can get through this…

04 Jun 06 House-hunting in New York City (pt 3)

Brooklyn was great! In fact, we’re going back today to spend more time in Park Slope. We went back last night as well for dinner. We ate at a great bistro called Bellevue at 5th and 5th.

Yesterday when we surfaced at the 9th Avenue stop on the F subway line, both Karyn and I turned to each other and smiled. It was one of those moments where you know you’re both in sync. We’d found the place that felt most like home.

The first place we saw was on 9th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. It was good. The ad billed it as a “garden duplex”. This means the tenants get the main floor and basement, plus a small garden. It was funny though. When we first viewed the apartment, we didn’t even notice that the kitchen was in the basement. Apparently this is quite normal. The apartment had a good-sized principal room, a bathroom, three bedrooms and two closets on the main floor. The basement contained the kitchen, a pantry, a second bathroom, a laundry room, a small spare room and an eating area. It also had the walkout to the garden. We could see ourselves there and asked Henry to express our interest.

We then carried on to Williamsburg for lunch and to view another apartment. We ate at a very cool spot called “Lodge” and then made our way to a beautiful duplex apartment. It was incredibly finished, with a great backyard, but the neighborhood was a little dodgy. Nice but not ideal for where we envision ourselves living.

This afternoon, we made our way back to Roosevelt Island to see another new building called the Octagon. It was good, but expensive. Par for the course. There was one thing that bugged me though, and I think it’s just a personal pet peeve. Parquet floors. I don’t know what it is about parquet floors, but I don’t like them. The ones we saw creaked and crackled beneath our feet. I much prefer planked hardwood floors or broadloom.

Today is our last day in New York. Hopefully we luck out with the place on 9th Street. It’s really close to Prospect Park, which seems to be quite beautiful and is a stone’s throw from great shopping and restaurants on 7th Avenue.