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02 Apr 09 Memories of my Grandad as Yankee Stadium opens

My grandfather, John Ross Bradfield, was one of the engineers that helped build the original Yankee Stadium. Karyn took us to see the original stadium last year (to the second last game ever) before it closed.

Today, the new Yankee Stadium opened to the public for the first time. It looks beautiful. I can only imagine how exciting it must have been for my Grandad to contribute to “baseball’s cathedral”. Maybe we’ll make it to the “palace” before we leave NYC in June.

Yes, we are headed back to Toronto at the end of June!

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10 Dec 08 Daddy and his new little girl

Dave finally got a chance to get a photo with Gwen.

Daddy and Gwen

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31 Mar 08 Canada, in our words… how about yours?

It’s amazing how much more Canadian you feel once you leave your homeland. There are so many things we appreciate even more about our “home”, having moved to New York last year. There are also tons of Canadians in New York who get what it means to be Canadian from the outside looking in. Here are some of the words, places and things that remind us of Canada. We’ll add more as other concepts hit us.

What else do you have to offer? Leave your impressions and contributions in the comments. (you don’t have to be Canadian to respond) Be sure to include a little bit of context.

16 Dec 07 Me? A published photographer?

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Schmap, a leading publisher of travel guides. They had found a photo on Flickr that I took while stranded in Denver on St. Patrick’s Day and asked to include it in consideration for their Denver Guide. My photo made the cut and is featured on the Schmap Denver St. Patrick’s Day page.

I had been there on business speaking at a client convention. The weather was beautiful in Denver, but a huge storm hit the east coast, shutting down most airports on the seaboard. I decided to make the most of my fate. I walked for miles around Denver on the Friday afternoon. On Saturday, I found time to take in the popular St. Patrick’s Day parade. I took the shot standing at the back of the crowd with my arm way above the crowd. Snap… Schmap.

Denver is a great city and I hope to return for another visit some day.

11 Dec 07 So many familiar faces

When we first moved to New York City, it felt very familiar. Weird. It’s such a big city – a place where you can easily feel lost. There are so many people. Every day on my subway ride to work I submerge into a sea of strangers. A day doesn’t go by though when I don’t think I see someone I know. There are so many familiar faces. Even though the chances are pretty remote that I know these people, I sometimes think the familiarity is mutual. People smile. New Yorkers are a friendly bunch. Sure, it’s a big city but there are so many transplants here. Everyone wants a friend.