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29 Jan 09 In Need of Retail Therapy

One thing that’s hard to avoid when you live in New York City is the awesome shopping. It’s a style mecca – normal, working people like us think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on purses, shoes, etc. I don’t usually spend with abandon. In fact, I normally think my purchases through carefully and rarely make impulse buys. So, today I find myself in a shopping conundrum: I’ve fallen in love with an expensive pair of boots.

I’ve researched online and called several stores and it appears I covet the one thing in the country that’s not currently on sale. The reasons for not buying the shoes are plenty: We’ve recently bought a car, are gearing up for an expensive move back to Toronto and are renovating our house. We cancelled our winter vacation to save money and are looking at other ways to cut our budget. I currently own several more shoes than the average person and don’t have room to store any more.

However, I can also list several reasons why I MUST buy these boots. In light of my previous post, I may be in need of therapy and retail therapy seems the most enjoyable kind. Since I just gave birth, I’m not planning on buying any other clothes this winter. These boots are made by the oldest shoe company in America and would last a lifetime – a nice, stylish memory of our time here.

If I treated myself, at least my feet would look fabulous as I beg the bank for a second car loan and as I try to cook in my unfinished kitchen.

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    Hi Karyn,

    I agree with your comment of “a nice, stylish memory of our time here”. You totally deserve to splurge on yourself. It’s time to something for Karyn and not everyone else. I know how hard it is for you to get into that head space. Most of my favourite things are stylish memories from my travels. I’m also pretty sure that a pair of boots will not compromise your reno loan nor your car loan. In fact, you will impress your bank manager with your impeccable style. You also need to keep up with your fashion plate husband!

    Love and hugs,

    ps: what car did you finally buy?

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