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05 Dec 08 Sleepy Gwen

People have been asking for more photos, so we did one better. Here’s a video taken this morning in the NICU. Isn’t she cute?

Sleepy Gwen

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P.S. The music on this is a song called Araby by David’s old band blueScreen. He wrote the music when he first met Karyn and the band turned it into this great song.


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    i want to smell her baby smell.

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    Oh My God! She is gorgeous. I want to reach out and hold her!

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    She is soooo cute! I love the music too!

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    Hi, I found this website while looking for the song from the video – “Araby” by Bluescreen. I heard it once and really liked it. Is there any website where I can listen to the whole song? I’d be very grateful for any info, I’d really love to hear it :)

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    Thanks for your comment on this old site. I just uploaded a copy of Araby to a Tumblr blog I’m getting off the ground. You can listen to Araby at If you’re interested in more blueScreen music, I can post more.

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