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04 Dec 08 ICU – but you can’t see me

So, we had a bit of a set back getting Gwen home from the hospital. The morning after she was born she was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Her white blood cell count was high and rising; the sign of a potential infection. A preliminary test today came back negative so we’re hopeful that all is well, but wont know until Friday evening. She also had an episode of apnea early this afternoon which was a bit scary. We weren’t there, but she turned blue and had stopped breathing. Apparently this is somewhat common with kids that are premature, and she was on the cusp of being premature, born at 36 weeks gestation.

Karyn came home this evening but Gwen remains in the hospital until she is in the clear. The doctors don’t seem overly concerned so we’re hopeful that she will come home this weekend. If complications emerge, she will be in the hospital for an extended stay, depending on her condition.

It’s been a bit hard on Marley as she really wants to meet her baby sister.

We’ll keep you posted via the blog. Feel free to email or comment with questions and we’ll reply as time permits.

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    Gwen is beautiful – goop and all! Hope she comes home soon. We’ll call in a few days when all is settled. Congratulations!

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    Hey, I left Karyn an voicemail. I can do whatever you need tomorrow. Take Marley or both gals or come over…lemme know!

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    She is so beautiful – I love the video! She certainly doesn’t look like a NICU baby so I’m sure her stay there will be brief. Kisses to all – two extra for the anxious big sisters!!

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