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03 Jul 08 …And Baby Makes Five!

Dave and I are proud to announce that we are expecting our third baby girl in December. Merry Christmas!

Marley and Nicole are looking forward to having a baby sister and we’re thrilled our family is growing.

The thought of being outnumbered by kids is a little daunting for me and Dave, though. Once we started thinking about it (yes, I know, it’s too late for thinking now…), we realized that becoming a family of five sure changes a lot of things.

Here are a couple of examples:

Travel – with three kids in car seats, we will now have to use two cabs to get us to and from the airport, unless we’re lucky enough to find one of the elusive NYC yellowcab minivans.

This brings me to a car of our own. When we move back to Toronto, we’ll need to buy a car. When I was twentysomething and carefree, I swore I’d never own a “dad car” or minivan. Those days are over, my friends. All I can say is that I’m glad we’ve done our part for the environment these past couple of years by not owning a car, because we’re heading down the road to gas-guzzling, carbon footprint town. We are looking at all hybrid options and hope the car companies will be offering more choices soon.

Another reality with having three girls is the need for washroom space. We’re planning to renovate our Toronto house and my first words to Dave when we found out we’re having a girl were “Now we definitely need a master bath.” My mom will tell you stories of how she grew up near the Danforth with her sister and 4 brothers and they only had one tiny washroom. I believe her it works, but I’m not up for finding out for myself. My mom didn’t live with a clothes-horse husband or a four-year-old who’s already obsessed with dresses, ponytails and lip balm. One or two extra washrooms will add years to my life.

Of course, these are all minor, logistical issues that I’m sure we’ll tackle effectively. A growing family is a wonderful thing. We can’t wait!

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    Congratulations Karyn, Dave, Marley and Nicole! I am thrilled for you all!!!! And reading between the lines, when is the move to Toronto happening? I hope it happens soon, I can’t wait to have you all to our new house in the heart of the Beach! (we are at Queen and Waverley) – we moved early April and are now just settling in! Hope to hear from you soon!
    God bless
    Tracey (and Frank, Robertson and Emma too!)

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    Hi Karen, Dave, Marley and Nicole,

    Congrats on your soon-to-be party of five. I love to follow your blog and have even been recycling the paper covers from straws after reading your greener.

    Daniel and I are going to be in NYC Friday August 1st until Sunday the 3rd. Do you have any hotels you can reccomend? We wouldn’t mind a hotel in Brooklyn either if you know of any in your area.

    Let us know if you have time to meet up for a visit too. If not I am sure we will see you in Canada soon.

    Love Leah

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    Hello Bradfields!
    I haven’t checked in on your blog in a while so here’s a belated Congratulations! When does the move to Toronto happen? Looking forward to seeing you in our ‘hood again!

    And, strangely enough, I too was inspired by Earth Day this year to start making ‘green posts’ on my blog – one a week.

    The girls look like they’re doing great, I’m so happy for you to be adding another to your crew!

    congrats again and hopefully see you soon
    kim & lizzie

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    Hi guys!

    Long time no type or talk. wonderful news about Baby #3! Aha, any concrete plans for your return to the Great White North?

    When is she due to arrive? One reason I ask is I am coming to NYC on Thursday Dec 4, for the weekend! I would love to catch up with you, even if it’s just a quick coffee.

    Mom and I signed up for a bus tour – yikes! (think it’s organized by the NAC). there is an action packed agenda of shows and lunch at the Russian Tea room, but a few spare hours for shopping and touring on your own.

    So if there is any way to meet up I would LOVE to see you!

    Please let me know…missing you lots.

    Also feeling your pain a bit, the Sens are slumping horribly. Jason Spezza bought a house in my neighbourhood…haven’t seen him around though.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love and hugs

    Jen xo

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