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31 Mar 08 Canada, in our words… how about yours?

It’s amazing how much more Canadian you feel once you leave your homeland. There are so many things we appreciate even more about our “home”, having moved to New York last year. There are also tons of Canadians in New York who get what it means to be Canadian from the outside looking in. Here are some of the words, places and things that remind us of Canada. We’ll add more as other concepts hit us.

What else do you have to offer? Leave your impressions and contributions in the comments. (you don’t have to be Canadian to respond) Be sure to include a little bit of context.

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    Our paper money comes in great colours, though I think the Americans are beginning to get a little colour.

    Butter Tarts are uniquely Canadian, and are divine!

    Blueberry Grunt is a Nova Scotian dessert, but it’s special.

    Try the word “Chesterfield” on an American and they’ll think you’re talking about a coat or a cigarette. To us it’s a couch or sofa.

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    I agree with all of yours, and have some more! Dubai has so many British expats (and people from former colonies) that Brit slang is used everywhere and nobody know what the hell I am talking about…

    Instead of ____ it’s ___:

    elevator – lift
    cookie – biscuit
    flashlight – torch (really unsure as to why people kept telling me to bring a torch on holiday to africa – isn’t that dangerous?)
    gas – petrol
    legal or letter sized paper – A3 or A4
    pop – soda

    As for being green? HAHAHAHA. Dubai has the largest ecological footprint on earth. I don’t even try anymore, sadly…and we drive an SUV. Everyone does. Canadian do-gooder that I am, I was mortified – until a huge truck rammed us and realised I would have been dead in a small car. The traffic here is beyond dangerous – people don’t know how to drive, drive huge vehicles (i.e. hummers) and the highway carnage is unbelievable.

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