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11 Dec 07 So many familiar faces

When we first moved to New York City, it felt very familiar. Weird. It’s such a big city – a place where you can easily feel lost. There are so many people. Every day on my subway ride to work I submerge into a sea of strangers. A day doesn’t go by though when I don’t think I see someone I know. There are so many familiar faces. Even though the chances are pretty remote that I know these people, I sometimes think the familiarity is mutual. People smile. New Yorkers are a friendly bunch. Sure, it’s a big city but there are so many transplants here. Everyone wants a friend.

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    Thank you David. Being a native New Yorker (and Brooklynite – which is a distinction all it’s own) I truly appreciate it when a non-native acknowledges the inhabitants of this extraordinary city. Like you David I travel quite a bit – London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, etc. All excellent cities, and in many ways superior to my own. But every time I’m abroad it has me appreciate more and more having been born and raised in NYC. And it’s that familiarity that you touched upon that makes all the difference. No matter where I travel I always manage to find someone or something that looks or feels familiar. And though I’ll be in a strange city in another part of the world, eventually I’ll come to feel as if I’m home.

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