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28 Oct 07 Thanks For The Win, Boys

Riding the New York City subway with our Leafs jerseys was pretty isolating. Miles and miles of track and no other blue and white to be seen.

It was more comforting as we approached Madison Square Garden and saw other Leaf fans. We all nodded and smiled at each other with an understanding that happens only between people who love their team despite…well, despite a lot of things.

We sang O Canada with pride and settled in for our first live game of the season, confident that only the others sporting the blue and white knew the true meaning of “fan.”

Photo credit: Canadian PressHowever, the greatest thing we discovered is that Rangers fans are true blue, too. They razzed us about the cold north, drowned out all “Go Leafs Go” rallies with energetic, unified “boos” and congratulated us when their team lost (yay Leafs!). It’s nice to watch the game you love surrounded by others who love it, too, even if they’re cheering against you.

What a great game and a great night! We were thrilled to spend some time with our friend Topher, who made the trip from Toronto with some friends, and connected with John Moore, a friend of Karyn’s from high school, who was sitting in a section filled entirely with Canadians who live in New York.

Our jerseys are ready to go for Friday’s game against New Jersey at The Rock, the brand new Devils arena. Let’s make it two for two, boys – we deserve it!

You gotta love a city with three NHL teams. Can life get any better?

04 Oct 07 Thank you for your Buddy Walk support

We raised more than $3,000 for the National Down Syndrome Society thanks to the generous support of our friends and family.

Nicole thanks you