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02 Sep 07 Summer’s over, but the fun ain’t

We have just returned from a totally relaxing and highly enjoyable summer vacation back “home” in Toronto and beyond.

This year’s vacation was the first I can remember when I didn’t take anything from work. No laptop. No Blackberry. Nothing. My biggest adjustment was not having these devices during the first couple of days. But once I was well-adjusted the real vacation started. I actually felt relaxed. Wow.

I was actually able to spend time with my girls, something I rarely have time to do when work is all-consuming, as it’s been of late. I know I’m returning to a firestorm. Oh well. Life goes on.

We’re really excited about life in New York this Fall. It’s such a great time in this city. Here are some highlights we’re excited about:

  • We just signed a two-year lease on our apartment, having decided that Park Slope is the NYC neighbourhood for us.
  • Nicole weaned herself which means Karyn and I can get out a bit earlier on our twice monthly dates since we no longer need to wait for her final nursing of the night. So far we’ve only been out in Brooklyn (within walking distance), but no longer. Manhattan, here we come.
  • Marley starts French classes on Friday afternoons in SOHO. This will ensure Karyn gets into Manhattan at least once a week and provides a great excuse to get out for dinner on Fridays. Yay!
  • Marley got a kite for her birthday that we look forward to flying in Prospect Park.
  • Karyn is going to finally get her aquarium set up which will add new life to our home.
  • We are going to tackle “Ask Marley”; we promise. We started the idea so long ago but work got in the way.
  • I started running again this summer vacation, after almost eight years on hiatus, and look forward to making this an early morning habit. This will be a great stress buster, not to mention part of a much healthier lifestyle.
  • We’re going to subscribe to the NHL package on cable. We realize that Toronto is a hockey mecca, unlike New York where hockey news is relegated to a paragraph at most at the absolute end of the Sports coverage.

We also look forward to more visitors this fall. Drop us a line if you want to take advantage of autumn in New York. We’d love to see you.

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    It was a joy to have you with us during part of your vacation, and Nicole’s christening was definitely a highlight of that stretch.
    Children grow up so fast, one hates to miss a day with them, so we’re grateful that you have reason to come home to Toronto every so often, which gives us time and the opportunity to keep connected with Marley and Nicole, not to mention the parents. And, of course, we love any excuse to get down to New York!
    We love you all so very much!
    Nana and Bobo

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    We really loved seeing you at the cottage and later in TO. We miss you all so much and always look forward to your trips here and our trips to Brooklyn. Can’t wait for October 19th to come. Can’t believe the change in Nicole. She is doing so many new things it was hard to keep up. Marley was delightful. She’s so grown up and says some pretty funny things. She must get her sense of humor from her parents. Glad to hear you’re getting more time for yourselves. Not glad to hear you’ve signed a two-year lease. It seems a long time for you to be away. But that’s life, I guess. We’ll have to get used to it. See you in October. Can’t wait. Love Mom & Dad, Gramma & Grampa

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