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02 May 07 It’s time to “Ask Marley”

There used to be a TV show that Art Linkletter, and eventually Bill Cosby, hosted called Kids Say the Darndest Things. It was hilarious. For some time, we’ve thought it would be fun to record Marley’s answers to questions that you’d send us. Now that she’s saying some pretty zany things, we figure it’s time to start.

Here’s how we’re going to work things.

  1. Think of a question. Something fun. Or something serious. Maybe something about New York. Whatever you want to know from Marley.
  2. Send us your questions. We have set up askmarley(at) for you to reach us.
  3. Be creative. If you send us video, we’ll get Marley to post her response in video. If you record your question and send us an audio file, we’ll post an audio reply.
  4. We hope to turn this into a podcast, a digital radio-style program. Since Marley can’t type yet, most responses will be posted in audio format.

We look forward to hearing from you. This should be fun. Give us a couple of weeks to get the first segment done.

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    Hilarious idea. I love it and can’t wait to learn Marley’s interpretations of random things. I’ll start thinking of some questions… Fun!

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    Yay! One other thing. If you don’t want to send us an email or audio or video, just leave a comment and we’ll get Marley on the case!

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    Love it…..I’d like to know Marley’s 5 best things and 5 not so best things about living in Brooklyn/moving away from Toronto.

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    What fun! In the photo Marley looks like the star of the show, determined to respond to any question.

    Now we want to know:
    Who is Marley’s favourite character in “Mary Poppins”?
    What’s her favourite song?

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    In the photo Marley looks like she’s putting someone else in the hot seat. This will be fun. What does Marley like to do best on a Saturday morning?

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    Thanks for all of the questions so far. We’re going to see if we can get Marley to respond this week. Keep ‘em coming!

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    Hey Marley,
    How come your Dad’s hair is sooo crazy curly?

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    When we say “No way, Jose” because we don’t want to do something – who is Jose?

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    Thanks for all the great questions! Sorry for the delay in setting this up. We’ve been really busy but will tackle this as soon as we can.

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    Hi Marley,

    Do you think Mommy should get the pretty new boots she wants?

    Aunt Teri

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