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27 Apr 07 NYC gets Hip

The Tragically Hip @ The Fillmore (NYC)

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Last night (April 25, 2007), we made it to The Fillmore at Irving Plaza in Manhattan to check out The Tragically Hip, Canada’s biggest rock band. The club is a medium-sized venue. In Canada, you’re lucky if you get within 1,000 feet of the band in an arena, but we were within 40 feet of the stage and could see the sweat drip off Gord Downie. The sound was incredible and the band played many of our old favorites. During Bobcaygeon, the band references Toronto and the crowd at the show let out a great cheer. We were surrounded by Canadians. Gord Downie is a mad man and a true entertainer.

Seeing the guys on stage was like a real homecoming. They also did a great cover of Lightning Strikes by The Clash during their encore.

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    Fun to read notes on moving from Canada to the US, and to a place I left to go to Etobicoke…only a Canadian would know this place, outside the big tower in the “cleanest” city in North America, or at least it used to be…

    David, it is so interesting to follow your move, and your position in an agency that I did work for on project down in Atlanta. I came by the office in NYC, hrough the IABC invite for an open house, and I bet I know who posted the gathering! At the time I had deferred an entrance to NYU for an evening graduate program in guess what????? Direct and interactive marketing…well now, I see possibly your input on the FH site, and it is showing me that the agency is moving forward….

    Give me a hello….and we can say “eh” to each other for a bit…

    Many fond memories of the drive up through the snow belt and across the water, singing, “Oh Canada” Thanks for sharing yours…

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    How is Brooklyn and life in the Big Apple?

    Let’s reconnect.

    Will tell you all about life on “wet” coast, including music, food
    and wine.



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