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21 Mar 07 March 21st – World Down Syndrome Day

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day – a day to raise awarness of Down syndrome and to celebrate those we know who are affected by it. So, please take the time this week to tell everyone that you meet that you love and care about someone with Down syndrome. We all benefit from a little less ignorance and better understanding. Thanks!

When we first learned our daughter Nicole had Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down syndrome, David’s sister found this great document called If People with Down Syndrome Ruled the World. It’s worth reading or re-reading on a day like today.

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    Happy World Down Syndrome Day to you.

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    Thank you Karyn. I had no idea that such a day existed. Nicole is the only person with Down Syndrome that I know. Therefore, I would like to tell her that I love and care for her very much. And thank you for being such an extraordinary family. It has inspired me to go beyond who I’ve known myself to be as a parent and human being. And I owe that Nicole since she’s the reason you moved to Brooklyn. Otherwise, I would never have met the Bradfields. I can only imagine what other miracles Nicole will create as she gets older. What I do know is that she’s already given me the beautiful gift of her family. And for that I will always be grateful. Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

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    Nicole is indeed a gift and a blessing to our family. We hope and pray for nothing but the best for her always. And we watch eagerly as she grows and develops, and fills us with a very special joy.
    It’s comforting too to be made aware of a world day that aknowledges and honours these delightful people. The loving care and attention that Nicole receives from her family, the kindly and devoted therapists who work with her, and all who surround you, make us truly grateful.
    We love you all so very much!

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    March 21st! The first day of Spring has to be the best day to remember Nicole and her buddies. Everything is starting to blossom forth as will Nicole. The love and the care she receives from everyone will help her along the way. Nicole is always in our thoughts and our prayers as well as her beautiful and loving family. Take care everyone. Love you all.

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