updates from the bradfields

11 Dec 06 On the road to destiny

What’s your destination? We don’t always know. If you’d asked us a year ago where we’d be living, we wouldn’t have even thought of New York City. If you’d told us we’d have a child with Down syndrome, we’d be in disbelief. But bring those two together and it really starts to make sense.

Recently, I was “back home” in Toronto giving a workshop at an industry conference. It felt so comfortable being on familiar turf. As much as we love New York, there’s nothing like walking the streets of a friendly city where you know how to find practically anything you might need.

Interestingly enough though, it seems that New York is the place where we can find exactly what we need right now. As those of you reading this blog know, Nicole has started both speech and physiotherapy. She gets physio three times a week and speech twice a week for a total of five sessions. We wanted more but we take what we can get, especially when it’s covered by subsidized government programs. According to someone I met in Toronto though, this level of public health service is unheard of for most patients. We’d be lucky if we had one session once a week. Combine that with the fact that the therapists come to us, and we quickly start to realize how the turn our lives took was meant to be. Really.

We can’t explain it. But there are some kind souls and spirits looking out for us and guiding our way. Needless to say we are grateful.

Heading home for the holidays will be so much fun. We leave in just over a week. Coming back will be difficult, but knowing that this is where we’re meant to be at this point in our lives gives us a bit more clarity and drive.

Thank you to everyone who’s been thinking of us and continually sending us your good thoughts. It’s working. And we’re working hard to create as much opportunity as we can for our daughter, Nicole. And there’s no better place than New York City right now.