updates from the bradfields

23 Nov 06 Nice to have a day off

Grampa reads to MarleyToday is our first Thanksgiving in the U.S. It is the biggest holiday of the year and it is also the day that Santa Claus arrives in town to kick off the holiday season. Marley was pretty excited to see him on TV in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you ask her when he’s coming, she says “later”. She also describes Santa as “scary”. We may not get a picture of her with Santa this year, but if she sees Nicole go for a photo, maybe she’ll follow.

We’re enjoying a visit with Marley and Nicole’s Gramma and Grampa. It has been great having them here for the last week and we’re lucky to have them here for a few more days. A beautiful turkey is on the menu tonight and we’re watching the NFL games on TV this afternoon. It’s really nice to have a day off. Things are pretty busy but they seem less hectic when we’re all together. The only challenge today is the weather. It’s a little wet which means Marley can’t get up to the playground without getting soaked, so we’re staying indoors. We’ll have to tackle some arts and crafts after nap time.

Nicole begins her speech therapy Nicole has started her early intervention therapy. She is scheduled to have speech and physical therapy. She’s already started her speech therapy. We’re all learning what we can do to help her strengthen the low muscle tone in and around her mouth. This will ensure that she gets speaking sooner than she would without therapy. We’ve been really impressed with the early intervention program provided by the state. Our program coordinators at TLC have been really supportive and very interested in working with Nicole. We like to think that it’s because they see great potential. It must be amazing to work with an infant and see their progress in time. This experience really makes us realize how much we all take for granted.

01 Nov 06 The bunny and the bear: Hallowe’en

The bunny and the bearI (David) made it home just in time for Halloween. I was greeted by a funny bunny, a cuddly bear and a movie star. Not bad! Ok, well maybe not a movie star, but my stunning wife.

We have a fair bit of left-over candy (yay!). Marley and I made it down to 7th Avenue for the annual Park Slope Halloween parade. We joined the parade and walked for about a block with the masses. It was a great time! See more photos on our Flickr page.

Marley was sad to leave the parade. She discovered the fun of Halloween this year!

We really missed Halloween on Willard Street in Toronto though. It is always such a fun night and a great time to catch up with neighbours before everyone starts hibernating for winter. If any Willard folk read this, know that we miss you and hope to connect with you soon.