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19 Oct 06 The Top 5 Things We Miss Most About Toronto

New York has just about everything we could wish for. It even has things we never even knew we needed! However, there are a few things we truly miss about Toronto. So, here’s the Bradfields’ list of the top five things we miss most about our home town:

5. Our hairdresser;

4. Bloor West Village;

3. Several consecutive days without torrential rain;

2. Swiss Chalet;

And the number one thing we miss most about Toronto? Brace youselves, this’ll be a shocker:

1. The Leafs. Maybe this will be the year – we can always hope.

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    Hi everyone. Love your top five list. We agree with you about the Leafs. GO LEAFS GO. Love to all from Mom & Dad.

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    hi guys…..what a great newsletter. looks to me like grampa edward is getting younger!!! i am here in lovely puerto vallarta and put both this wonderful condo and my vancouver condo on the market yesterday..and asking for identical closing dates…clearly i have lost my grip and the petting zoo and myself may become street people. once vanc is sold i shall dash up to toronto for a couple of days and buy something…vancouver is beautiful but not friendly. here i have a new condo that might be ready in june…of course mexico time can be different.

    congrat’s on everything

    you are such lovely people….hope to see you sometime.

    i was in new york only once…a week or so before 9/11 and fell in love with it. of course going back to the big smoke will feel like ny after vancouver.


    have a wonderful christmas

    joan jazz and sasha

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