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01 Oct 06 Buck Fush…

…and so began my (Karyn’s) introduction to the Park Slope Food Coop. Kirk, the orientation leader, displayed the saying prominently (and I suspect proudly), on the front of his tee. The Coop is a grocery store where members work 3 hours a month running the store to reap the benefits of cheap prices and almost entirely green and organic pickings. I’m exempt from my work shift until February. A maternity leave for members – how very socialist of them! Kirk’s t-shirt and the coop philosophies are typical for this area of New York. For liberal Canadians like Dave and me, it makes the Americans seem more, well, Canadian, than the stereotype some of us may have of the citizens of a country that voted Fush in twice. This is comforting, since we miss our home terribly.

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    It seems as though you’ve landed in the best possible spot for expat Canadians. And you’re even managing to eat as though you live in the country next to an organic farm! Miss you too…and hope to arrange a visit soon.

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    Hey lovely family, Oh, the Buddy Walk looks wonderful … another invaluable discovery on your journey as parents. I’m sorry we didn’t know about it before. Is it took late to sponsor you? Sending loads of love from BWV.

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