updates from the bradfields

28 Oct 06 Maybe Marley Should Be A Boxer For Hallowe’en

Marley tumbled down the stairsMarley had a scary, but relatively harmless, tumble down the front steps Thursday morning, with nothing but her pretty face to cushion the fall. She’s such a brave girl – after a little TLC from Mommy, she asked for just a popsicle to ease the pain. She then happily continued on to school. No signs of concussion or need for stitches, but we are thinking about ditching the bunny hallowe’en costume to dress her up as a prize fighter, prison thug or skateboarder. Hey, maybe she could be a bloody bunny who’s narrowly escaped the trappings of an evil hunter.

19 Oct 06 The Top 5 Things We Miss Most About Toronto

New York has just about everything we could wish for. It even has things we never even knew we needed! However, there are a few things we truly miss about Toronto. So, here’s the Bradfields’ list of the top five things we miss most about our home town:

5. Our hairdresser;

4. Bloor West Village;

3. Several consecutive days without torrential rain;

2. Swiss Chalet;

And the number one thing we miss most about Toronto? Brace youselves, this’ll be a shocker:

1. The Leafs. Maybe this will be the year – we can always hope.

15 Oct 06 Maybe the moon is broken

Such is the wisdom of a two-year old. Marley has always been a perceptive little girl. Now with her vocabulary growing weekly, some incredible things are coming out of her mouth. After a fun morning in the playground at the park, we were walking home and she noticed something. The moon was visible in the blue sky. That’s where the sun is supposed to be, not the moon. She pointed and said, “the moon is broken.” Laughter followed. She found it pretty funny that we were laughing so hard.

Humid hair

Marley also enjoys pointing out all of the Halloween decorations popping up in the neighbourhood. She likes pumkins in particular. On our walk home this evening, she kept pointing them out. “There’s a pumpkin. There’s another one.” When we came across a house with two she said, “there’s another two ones.” Somehow it made sense.

We had a great weekend. In fact, we’ve had a great couple of weeks. David’s parents and sister came to visit for a week and a week and a half, respectively. We loved the company. Some recent photos have been added to our Flickr page. It is so much fun showing off our neighbourhood and having such great access to Manhattan. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve explored the city and been to some great spots including the New York Botanical Garden (to see the stunning Chihuly exhibit) and the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Some of our walks and wanderlust have led us into some areas of Brooklyn that are very different from what we’re used to.

The Bradfields

It’s a real adventure. We definitely miss our home in Toronto. The culture shock and homesickness is settling in a bit, but that’s a good thing. It reminds how special everyone and everything is that we’ve left behind in Toronto. If we’d moved here and everything was peachy, we’d worry a bit.

01 Oct 06 Buck Fush…

…and so began my (Karyn’s) introduction to the Park Slope Food Coop. Kirk, the orientation leader, displayed the saying prominently (and I suspect proudly), on the front of his tee. The Coop is a grocery store where members work 3 hours a month running the store to reap the benefits of cheap prices and almost entirely green and organic pickings. I’m exempt from my work shift until February. A maternity leave for members – how very socialist of them! Kirk’s t-shirt and the coop philosophies are typical for this area of New York. For liberal Canadians like Dave and me, it makes the Americans seem more, well, Canadian, than the stereotype some of us may have of the citizens of a country that voted Fush in twice. This is comforting, since we miss our home terribly.