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03 Sep 06 Fun in Prospect Park

We had a chance to visit Prospect Park as a family for the first time. Hopefully this becomes a regular occurence. Here are a couple of photos from today. The first one of Marley on the swing made us laugh. It’s classic.

Swinging in Harmony

The second is a beautiful potrait of Karyn and Nicole.

A Prospect Portrait

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    Hello! Thank you so very much for the invite to the BuddyWalk Group. Nicole is just precious and her big sister Marley is just beautiful….and to think we probally passed each other yesterday in Central Park!

    If it is alright with you, I would love to add your site to my list on our blog? Just let me know.

    Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage & clan

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    Hey Karyn,
    what a crazy time you guys have been having. Hope you are settled down now!
    I’m planning a trip to NY next April with my friend Suzette (ex-UWer) to see the Leafs vs. the Rangers.
    Anyways, wondering when you have time if you could e-mail me off-line. Wondering if you have a phone yet?
    Anyways, you guys all look great! Kisses to the kids.

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