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15 Aug 06 Getting set up… slowly but surely

Well, our furniture (and pretty much everything we own) arrived last Thursday a-ok. I (David) am in the process of unpacking. Suprisingly, our apartment seems to quite comfortably accomodate our stuff. We’ll post pictures in a bit.

We were hoping to get our Internet access installed today, but no such luck. The installer had our Toronto phone number which is currently out of service while we are arranging to have it forwarded to our Brooklyn line. This will allow everyone in Toronto to call us locally. But that didn’t really help out today.

It’s just as well since I’m getting ready to travel for business, slowly making my way back to Toronto to see the family at the end of the week. This is the longest we’ve all been apart, and it’s very difficult. I can’t wait to see Karyn, Marley and Nicole. They’re still staying with my parents, so it will be great to see them as well.

For those of you in Toronto, watch your email for a farewell drop-in we’re going to host on Saturday, August 26th. This will be our last day in town as we leave for Brooklyn on the 27th. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to have my family with me.

This past weekend, Angela (my sister) visited and was an incredible help with the unpacking. She also got a chance to explore our new neighbourhood and was very enthusiastic. We encourage everyone thinking of a visit to New York to contact us. We’d love to see you and may even have a place for you to stay. I was thinking it might make sense to publish a calendar so people can see which dates we’re already booked with visitors. It sounds like we’re in for a very busy and highly sociable fall in New York. Get your requests in now!

That’s all for now. We hope you’re doing well.

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    Glad to hear that you’re making what sounds like steady progress. I had the realization as I read today’s entry that you are probably going to be settled and unpacked before Kaz and I are, and we’ve been in our place for almost 2 months!

    I hope this weekend comes as soon as it possibly can….being away from family is tough enough, but is especially difficult when there is such distance, geographically and culturally, between you. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.

    Oh, and just to get it on this thread, and to help you feel at home…GO LEAFS GO!

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    I did have a great visit with David at their new apartment and was very excited to talk about it when I got home. Those of you planning to visit eventually (if you’re lucky enough to get to stay with them) will be happy to know it’s a huge two-level apartment (with two full bathrooms) in a great neighbourhood with everything you could possibly need practically at your doorstep. Super convenient.

    David and I had fun at Rob Dickinson/The Church concert on the Thursday night, and while I wasn’t my normal trigger-happy camera girl, I did snap a few photos in among our unpacking, exploring the neighbourhood and discovering some fantastic restaurants and coffee shops.

    Follow the link below to see: the UN headquarters in Manhattan :: David’s office at 42nd/2nd in the Daily News Building :: Grand Central Terminal :: David outside his new apartment on 9th St in Park Slope, Brooklyn :: garden window in Marley’s bedroom :: David and I on the couch in the living room :: and a couple shots from my drive home.

    For any of you, who like me are too cheap/poor to fly, I recommend the driving route I took. Contact me if you would like the route/details or it’s likely I will give the route to David for posting or distribution as requested.

    Can’t wait to get back to visit with David, Karyn and the girls there and to explore more of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

    Thanks for letting me come down, explore and help out.
    Love Ange

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    Wow, thanks for posting the photos. Most excellent!


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