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08 Aug 06 In transit

First of all, we want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our updates. Your emails and comments on this site are greatly appreciated. It means alot to know that people care. We love you all.

What a week it’s been! Last week, our house in Toronto was packed up. Today, our items are scheduled to arrive in Brooklyn. I (David) am writing this note at a local restaurant called Bar Minnow that offers free Internet access. The movers are late. Way late. They were scheduled to arrive at 9 a.m., which changed to 10 a.m. then 2 p.m. and now 4 p.m. Waiting…

The move has left me in limbo. I’m floating around Brooklyn without a cell phone or Internet access. We cannot get Internet service installed until next week and I’m unable to get a cell phone without a social security card or a U.S. credit card. I guess it all makes sense, but it’s a major inconvenience. Oh well, no one said it would be easy.

Hopefully I have a chance to get things somewhat set up before Angela (my sister) arrives in New York on Wednesday or Thursday. She is our first official visitor. She’s coming to see one of my favourite bands (The Church) who play here on Thursday night. Can’t wait! It will be nice to have company. Tables for one at restaurants can leave you feeling a little too voyeuristic.

Anyway, more to come as Internet access becomes more regular.

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    Dude, you are going to love the show! “Easy” was easily the highlight. Tell Petra at the merch table that Violette and Greg say “hi!” (oh, and Vic too. She’ll understand.)

    I wish we could be there and see it again…!


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    Hi Karyn and Dave,

    Hopefully you have your furniture now! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you both know that I am thinking of you. I hope things are going well in New York and back in TO…I am sure you are both very busy! :)

    Karyn – call me sometime when you can…just let me know how you are doing!! :)


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