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18 Jul 06 Learning the basics

We’re finding ourselves in a really weird position right now. I think we’ll call this cultural adjustment. As you can imagine, we’re needing to reinvent ourselves in the U.S. from the ground up. Everything from selecting a bank to finding an insurance company requires our attention. We’re in the process of slowly shutting down home life in Toronto with an eye to what we need to establish ourselves in New York. It’s pretty crazy. The small things aren’t as easy when you’re a foreigner. We aren’t exposed to the ads promoting different services so we’re making decisions based on word-of-mouth suggestions.

If anyone has recommendations on a good personal bank and a home insurance provider, we’re all ears. We have been told that Washington Mutual is pretty good. Any other suggestions? Please leave a comment if you have an opinion. We’ll let you know how we make out.

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    Good luck on your move! My husband & I lived in Washington DC for two years and we had a great experience with Bank of America, I would totally recommend them. Something to keep in mind is that banking is very different in the US – there is competition for your business! Don’t be afraid to ask for special incentives, they will be happy to get your business.

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